Episode 002: I Need This Win - How Do I Detach From The Outcome?

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Have you ever wanted to win something so bad that it consumed every area of your being?

On this episode of the Profit Breakers podcast, Kim breaks down the 5 internal shifts that helped her triple her revenue and can help you with your business and personal goals as well. Kim first realized that she needed these internal shifts after years of struggling to understand mindset and manifestation in the context of her belief in Jesus Christ. She was led to believe that the two were mutually exclusive, but during a conversation with her pastor, she realized that she had access to the power of God and the power of the universe at the same time.  

This skyrocketed her potential and her ability to grasp the specific mindset shifts that she needed to make on a daily basis in order to maintain and grow this potential. Kim suggests that you try these 5 internal shifts as well and see what kind of results you can get:

  1. Get specific about what you want – For every business goal, set 2 personal goals to go along with it. Make your goals significant and true to yourself, not goals that you think you should have or other people tell you to have.

  2. Create mantras for the 5 areas of life – Health, Family, Love, Business, and Wealth

  3. Give yourself grace – This is the hardest one to do, especially if you are a high achiever, because you push yourself so hard to reach the next goal. It can be so frustrating and even devastating when you feel like you have failed, but it is really an opportunity to change your perspective and retrain your thinking.

  4. Remember why you are on this journey – What is the end goal of this daily work you are doing? Is it worth all the trouble? If it is, then keep going! If not, then you might need to reconsider what you really want.

  5. Be open to listening – Listening to yourself, God, and your guides. If you knew everything right now, you would already have everything you wanted, so recognize that other people can speak into your life and help you along the way.

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