Because Your Business Should Be Two Things

You’ve Romanced Your Hustle, Mastered Your $5K Profit Plan And You’re Ready To Take Your Business To The Ultimate Level Of Success.

The Atelier™ is An Exclusive Network For Platinum Level Business Cultivation designed to  help you become the architect of your dream business. With instant access to carefully designed, expert Learning Experiences and a network of sisterfriends that are there to support you, The Atelier™ gives you the keys to unlock your six-figure brand.


You’ve got the classiness of Mary Jane Paul and ferocity of Olivia Pope but you’re tired of piecing your business together and searching for resources that actually work.

You’ve done exhaustive research, interviewed a handful of distinguished business coaches but nothing has spoken your language, offered to meet your needs and treat you like the true VIP that you are...until now.


VIP Invitation To Atelier Live

You’re not stuck in a 9-5, you created this business not only to serve the needs of others but to create freedom and flexibility for yourself. That’s why at least twice a year you’ll be invited to join me in person for Atelier Live!



One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned is that the road to success starts with the heart and if you aren’t taking care you YOU first then it causes a major disconnect.  Atelier Live goes far beyond your typical business getaway and gives you permission to simply relax. From spa days while sipping champagne, to designated mindset work that realigns you with your purpose Atelier Live is just what you need to help you exhale the bs & savor the success.


Sisterhood and women supporting women matters to you. Far too often as entrepreneurs, we find ourselves alone or without a safe space where we can truly share our thoughts and ideas without fear that they will be judged or taken.


Your inner genius with in-person profit planning incubators (laser-focused groups) created to help you launch the next initiative for your business.

More than just another member-centric community, The Atelier is the Rolls Royce of top-tier member networks. Created specifically with you-the well informed, highly motivated and business-minded woman-in mind this upscale community delivers diverse experience intended to help you SOAR in the marketplace.

Each member is hand selected by Atelier™ Founder, Kim McCarter.

Executive Benefits:

  • Quarterly Learning Experiences (value $8,500)
  • Monthly "Ask Kim Anything" Q&A Sessions
  • Personal Invitations to Atelier Live! 5 star, in-person live events and retreats (value $3,000 per retreat)
  • Motivate your audience to make the purchase with Interested to Invested (value $1,000)
  • Monetize your live stream platforms with access to Rock Your Live challenge (value $1,000)
  • #HerRichLife Business Projects Kits (value $4,800)
  • Monthly Book Club
  • Access to the previous courses

No More Sitting On The Fence

You’ve positioned your business for greatness and it’s time to ignite your fire.

Because Success Is Sexy AF...