24 Different Things You Can Talk About In Your Email Marketing Campaign

I often wonder what scares people more – creating funnels or creating the emails for their funnels.  If I really had to choose, I’d say the latter. It seems that figuring out what to say and when is one of the most overthought principles of internet marketing.  And honestly, although most will never admit it, if you are struggling with what to talk to your tribe about its because you do not know them as well as you think you do. The truth is, if you knew your tribe… beyond their demographics, you’d have PLENTY of things to talk them about.  So, while you’re taking some time to learn more about your tribe, I’ve gone ahead and created a list of 24 different things you can talk about in your email marketing campaigns.

Kim McCarter Email Marketing Campaign Topics

  1. Make a top 5 or a top 10 list. When you aren’t sure what to write about, just make a list. For example, “Top 10 Ways to Save Money on Your Heating Bill” or “Top 5 Ways Increase the Speed of Your Cross-Stitching.”
  2. Create “How to” instructions or some type of tutorial. You can send the instructions via email or if illustrations/screenshots will enhance the tutorial, give them a link to the tutorial posted online.
  3. Now and then, publish some guest articles. It’s usually best to publish content from your own company, whether you write it yourself or it is written by staff. That way, the promotions are for your own company. But when you do come across great content from other people, don’t be afraid to share it. Just more your own by adding your own highly-intelligent commentary that your readers have come to love. ☺
  4. Build up to your product launches and other promos. Map out your product launches on a calendar and start ramping up to them by delivering content related to your products.
  5. Write product reviews. Not sure what products you should review? See suggestions #2 and #3 on this list. ☺
  6. Write case studies. If your clients/customers are doing well, make an informative case study out of them. You can interview them, right a report of their results, etc…just make sure it’s interesting to your end reader.
  7. Ask your readers to submit questions and answer them. Don’t have a huge list and can’t seem to get many questions? Visit topic-related forums and networking groups and see what questions they’re asking each other.
  8. Do some keyword research. Look for the information or products your target market is actively searching for by using a tool like WordTracker.com
  9. Make a list of major topics relevant to your target market. Break these down into sub-categories and ultimately into specific topics. Always keep this list handy as it will be great for generating ideas.
  10. Keep a notebook or your PDA handy for recording ideas that come to your spontaneously. We’ve all been at the grocery store or in the middle of a workout when a great idea comes to us. Make sure you have a way to record them or those ideas will soon be lost.
  11. If you are in your own target market (ex. your target is backgammon players and you play backgammon), make a list of products that you like and use. You can even make a list of products that you don’t care too much for. These lists will give you plenty of ideas of products to promote and educate your readers about.
  12. Make a list of the most popular products for your target market and that will give you a nice list of products to promote. For example, if you sell consumer products, just go to Amazon.com, click on a sub-category and near the top of the page, you’ll find a link for bestsellers.
  13. Make a video and send it to your list. Make it an informative talk from you, do a screen capture video or just have a little fun. As long as it’s entertaining and/or useful to your readers, they’ll appreciate it.
  14. Make an audio recording and send it to your list. You can teach something, do an interview…anything your readers want.
  15. Write a blog entry and send it to your list. Not only do they receive good content, but you can add some interactivity to your communication by having them leave comments.
  16. Send a link to your article. If it’s useful to your reader, send them a quick and interest-generating description, plus a link to read it online.
  17. Find and discuss a related new story. Go to news.google.com (or wherever you like to read online news) and find something topical. Share your point of view.
  18. Check your affiliate programs for brandable reports. Many affiliate programs (and a growing number outside of the business-to-business market) are offering information-packed reports that you can brand with your own link. Give these to your list.
  19. Always follow up. Emails get filtered and people forget about things. There’s nothing wrong with following up on promos or even reminding your readers about previous offers and content. Sometimes you might send stand-alone email reminders. Other times you might include some extra content with the reminder.
  20. Make it a Series. You don’t have to give away all your content on a certain topic in one go. Break it up into bite-sized chunks and keep your readers ready for more.
  21. Answer product/offer objections. If you send out a promotional email and then receive questions about the product via direct email, compile the answers to those questions and send them out to your list.
  22. Give out software, a spreadsheet or some useful tool. What you send will depend on your target markets needs, but get creative and if needed, hire a programmer to create a simple piece of software.
  23. Browse other information sites / article sites for topic ideas. Obviously, you can search some of your target market favorites or you might search the categories at big sites like About.com and EzineArticles.com
  24. Write a commentary about other blog entries you’ve read. You can always leave your comment directly on the blog, but if you have a strong opinion on something, you can also share that with your own readers

And you think you are out of ideas? Go back to #1 and work through them again.

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Love you… mean it… Kim

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