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When projects are managed properly, the potential for increased profits and expansion of business grows exponentially.


Strategic Plans & Implementation Designed Specifically For Your Business…

Kim McCarter Coaching & Consulting is a highly sought after launch and project management consulting firm who collaborates with a small number of private clients: serial entrepreneurs who are launching large projects and initiatives globally.

It’s impossible to be all things and wear all the hats in your business and be successful or grow. Having an excellent team to depend on is crucial to the success of any business and having a plan for that success is an absolute necessity.

I’ll partner with you to create the perfect plan to successfully launch your product or business to new heights while allowing you the freedom to do more of what you love.

I’m passionate about the details and making sure things are done right.  I don’t believe anything should be left to chance which is why I strive to capture every detail that could impact your project and address it before there is an issue.

In order to book Kim McCarter Coaching & Consulting to handle your sales funnel and launch project, you will first need to book Kim McCarter as a consultant for the project. You can schedule your Strategic Consulting Session >> HERE <<.

It is important to note that Kim McCarter Coaching & Consulting, nor its team members or associates will provide a proposal or quote services prior to a Strategic Consulting Session.

Our Strategic Consulting Session allows both KMCC and its clients to work in the confidence needed to ensure the success of the project. This session allows us to learn all of the details of the project so that we can help you facilitate a plan of action that specific to your needs.

A detailed proposal and quote for services will be provided via Client Portal delivery within two business of your consultation. Details on how to apply your consulting fee towards the project implementation cost will also be included within your proposal.

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If you would like to schedule a 15 minute chat with Kim McCarter Coaching & Consulting prior to booking your Strategic Consulting Session, please send us a note.