It’s time to elevate your ideas to the next level and make the money you deserve in the process.

launch-it is a 5 hour virtual group intensive

  • HANDS-ON INSTRUCTION:   You will work directly with me via a virtual group session and receive detailed instruction on how to build a signature program that your clients won’t resist.  

  • CONTENT DEVELOPMENT: During out virtual group intensive, I will help guide you through developing content that will help you attract, engage and educate your target audience. During this phase of the session, we’ll also create an irresistible lead magnet.


A big part of my success sequence was creating a signature program.  A program that is in sync with the needs of my unique client match yet fed my passions.  

Step-by-step, I achieved clarity on how to better monetize my services and in the process was able to develop a profitable introductory offer that my audience was eager to buy.