Day 2: If You Email Everyone; You Are Emailing No One

A profitable and effective list is all about attracting the right type of subscribers. Getting the right people on your list is much more important than building a huge list. Let me repeat that. It’s not about a huge list. A targeted and responsive smaller list can be a lot more valuable than a large list. The keyword you want to pay attention to here is “targeted”. 

It’s all about defining your unique client match and then getting them on your list. That’s it. Do that right and you’ll do well, no matter how much of the rest of this challenge you implement. The more you do, the better you’ll be off, but if you get this wrong, then the rest doesn’t matter all that much. So in other words, today’s lesson is pretty important. 

If you are new to my village, you may be wondering what a "unique client match" is. Think about your ideal client or customer. Who are they? Define them as closely as possible. Be specific about their gender, their age, their family status, their economic circumstance, their profession, and anything else you think might matter. Don’t be afraid to get too specific. Narrowing things down is good. You don’t want to be vague and “everyone” is the wrong answer. 

It’s helpful to picture a single person that defines your target audience. Think of him or her as an avatar that represents everyone you want to get on your list. This not only helps you figure out who you need to reach, but also how you should be talking to them for best results. Just write and talk to your avatar in all your messages. 

Meet Audrey.  She's is an example of how you should envision your unique client match.

Meet Audrey.  She's is an example of how you should envision your unique client match.

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Once you know exactly who your audience is and who isn’t, it becomes much easier to tackle the next task – figuring out where they can be found. Once you have your ideal subscriber and customer defined, think about where this person would hang out online. What blogs do they read? What social media platforms do they use? What groups, forums, and membership sites do they belong to? 

I recommend you start a list of sites where your potential subscribers can be found. Your list should include:

  • Websites and Blogs 
  • Other sites with lists 
  • Social media sites 
  • Groups (Facebook and Google+ for example)
  • Forums
  • Hashtags

Having this list will be invaluable as you start to get in front of your audience and drive them back to your site and on your list. We’ll be doing more of that in the coming days and weeks. 

Knowing who you are trying to get on your list in the first place will also be invaluable during tomorrow’s task. If you’re not well acquainted with your target market, take some time today to study them via the sites you’ve just listed. Read the blogs they are interested in and listen to their conversations on social media. Get to know them better and tomorrow’s task will become that much easier. 

If you need some additional help on defining your unique client match, check out the file section in EPIC Femalepreneurs.