Day 3: Give Them An Opt-In They Can Feel

In yesterday’s blog post we took a closer look at the type of people you’re trying to get on your list. In light of that, it’s time to re-evaluate your opt-in offer. 

How long has it been since you’ve changed, or even looked at the lead magnet you are offering?

If you are like a lot of entrepreneurs, you may have set it up when you first get started with list building, and then never looked back. You keep sending more and more traffic to your opt-in forms and opt-in pages, doing everything you can to grow your list, but you don’t really consider how important your opt-in offer is in converting people into subscribers. 

After yesterday’s exercise, you should have a very good idea of who your ideal subscribers are. That will make it much easier to find and create an opt-in offer that appeals to them. It may take just a little bit of tweaking to what you already have in place. Or maybe you realize that you started out with the wrong content in the wrong format. In either case, it’s time to take a look and make some important decisions. 

Your lead magnet should grab your readers’ attention and make them want to sign up right away, just to receive it. Then you want to impress them with the content and give them fast results provided they use the opt-in freebie they received.  

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Okay, now let’s talk about how we can make that happen. 

Here are the steps to building a lead magnet your village will love.

Sit down and make a list of burning questions your ideal subscriber may have right now. What problems do they face, what’s their biggest challenge? Or what are they most curious and excited about. Strong emotions are the key to a good lead magnet. 

Once you have decided on a topic, take a minute to think about the best format to present it in. What makes the most sense, both for the topic you’re covering and for your readers? Decide if you should make it a downloadable pdf, an email course, an audio recording, a video recording, or a secret page on your website that contains the information in text and multimedia formats. 

Take the next few days to rework your opt-in. Even more important than the format is the quality of content. Make it your goal to over deliver and impress your new subscribers. Get it all written up or recorded and uploaded to your site. Don’t forget to edit opt-in forms and pages, welcome email, thank you page and any other download pages and places where you mention the opt-in offer. 

With that in place, you’re almost ready to open the flood gates and start driving traffic to your offer. There’s one more thing we need to get in place, which we’ll talk about tomorrow. 

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