Day 11: Track Conversions with Multiple Opt-In Pages

Heeeeeeey!  I’ve mentioned setting up different opt-in pages for different audiences a few times during this list building challenge. It’s about time we cover this in a little more detail and go over both the why and the how. Let’s dive right in. 

Why You Should Have More Than One Opt-in Page

There are two big reasons why you should have more than an opt-in page. The first is conversion, the second is tracking. They work hand-in-hand and you should consider having opt-in pages for different segments or parts of your overall target audience, and possibly for different sources of traffic. 

If you have a larger target audience (parents for example), you may have sub niches within that audience. In our parenting example, they may be moms or dads, or single moms, single dads, step-parents, guardians etc. Having a dedicated opt-in page for single moms, for example, allows you to speak directly to them and the unique challenges they face. This will help with conversion for that particular segment of your market. 

Setting up different opt-in pages also helps you track where your subscribers are coming from. You’ll know if you got a huge jump in subscribers from podcasts or Facebook groups for example. 

How To Tweak An Opt-in Page for A Different Segment Of Your Market

Start by thinking about the segment of your market that you’re trying to reach. Are they motivated by something different than your main target audience? If so, you may want to re-craft your headline and hook. If not, scan through your opt-in page from top to bottom and identify areas where you can tweak it to speak directly to that segment of your market. 

For example, if you’re building a list for parents of toddlers, your general list may speak to parents in general, or moms in particular since they are usually the main caregiver. If you’re reaching out to a group of dads, though, it would be great to have a dedicated opt-in page for dads. Much of your content will stay the same, but you can call them out by name and tweak things here and there to speak directly to them. 

The easiest way to do this is to simply make a copy of your original opt-in page and then go through and change things as needed. Of course, these new pages should be tested as well going forward. 

How To Tweak Your Opt-in Page For Different Traffic Sources

Tweaking pages for different traffic sources is even easier since your main goal is simply to track how many subscribers this source brings you. Copy and paste the opt-in page and either add a new opt-in form so you can track that way, or look into tagging readers who subscribe via this new page. 

If you’d like, you can edit your page slightly to highlight the traffic source they were coming from. For example, if this is a page you share with people during podcast interviews, you could start things off by thanking them for listening to you. 

Pick a segment or traffic source, set up a different opt-in page and see what a difference it can make in your list building. 

I'll see you back here tomorrow!

xo Kim