Let's spend the next 4 months together!

During our time together, we are going to build a business that you'll want to show off. *wink*

  • Magnetize Your Audience With Crush-Worthy Brand Story That Will Allow Your Village To See You As Their Goto Resource

  • Monetize Your Message With Offers Your Unique Client Match Cannot Resist

  • Own A Business That Sets Your Passion On Fire & Allows You To Host Your Cubicle Divorce Party

  • Know How To Bring Money Into Your Business and Change The Bottomline Of Your Bank Accout

  • Be In Charge of Your Schedule (and not have your schedule in charge of you).


You have been following coaches for months.  You have signed up for every free webinar, teleclass and challenge you can find.  You have a notebook full of notes, you have tried to implement as much of it as you can and you still are not seeing any results.

The problem:  You have clouded your mind and your business with so much junk you no longer have a clear foundation for your business, your goals and if you ever stopped to realize how much money you were leaving on the table – it would make you nauseous. 

Having a clear strategy is the key to building a profitable business.

Visual Branding is a great tool for your business but it takes more than a pretty logo and great looking website to make a sale


You are ready to transform your life and business, but you know that you need some serious guidance to take you from daydreaming to living your dream.

 » You no longer want to feel stuck, overwhelmed and confused about where your business is going.

 » You are ready to stand out in an overcrowded market and get the brand recognition you desire. 

 » You want to create irresistible programs that keep your inbox flooded and the profits rolling in. 

 » You desire to speak to your customers in clear messaging that magnetizes.

 » You are tired of wanting, wishing and waiting on YOUR turn.

I have a secret weapon that can transform how you do business.

  1. Monetize your brilliance in a way that will not only attract your unique client match but have them waiting in line to work with you.
  2. Create visibility that will elevate you to a leader in your industry and grow a loyal following of unique client matches who know, like and trust you.
  3. Develop a crush-worthy brand story that will attract your unique client match and allow you to build a purpose-filled business.
  4. Streamline your business so that it can run parallel to a demanding career or busy lifestyle.
  5. Have authentic enrollment conversations that will take prospective clients from interested to invested.

Success is not an accident.  You create it with consistency + effective planning. 


Back in September 2013, I was sitting in my cubicle paying bills for a business that was barely making $1,000 a month. Sure, an extra $1,000 a month was awesome to support my shopping habits, vacations and to make sure my bills were paid on time.  But I wanted more.  I wanted the five-figure months, the freedom lifestyle and the ability to help women reach their highest potential. I wanted to own that business.

I knew what I had to do, but I had to figure out a way to get it done while working a full-time job (that I was simply not in a position to leave).  I needed to find a way to replace my income before I turned in my two-week notice.

I took all of the tools I had acquired.. and created what I call The Success Sequence for Working Entrepreneurs. A way to create the business I desired while working a full-time job and leaving room for family.  A way that not only made sense but allowed me to get it all done.  

A big part of my success sequence was creating a signature program.  A program that is in sync with the needs of my unique client match yet fed my passions.  

Step-by-step, I achieved clarity on how to better monetize my services and in the process was able to develop a profitable introductory offer that my audience was eager to buy.

Over the last 24 months, I have helped close to 200 femalepreneurs get clear on who their unique client match is, and how they can serve them with a signature program that they can run parallel to their busy lives.

I'm here to empower you to

create your greatest impact on the world by doing what you love.

Guiding you through the process of creating your custom success sequence, with weekly sessions designed to be our sacred space to bring your goals to life.

The Romance Your Hustle program will help you master:

Feminine Leadership Training:  Romance Your Hustle begins with some major work around creating the femalepreneur leadership traits you will need to move confidently forward in your business.  We will cover everything from to overcome obstacles to cultivating clarity, confidence and some “in your face” courage.  The lessons in your feminine leadership training will also help to create a signature system that will put your business on auto-pilot.

Business & Lifestyle Design: Together we will map out your perfect business model that supports the lifestyle you crave.  This training includes understanding your business goals and how to create the actions steps needed to make sure they are attainable.

Unique Client Match Clarity:  Understanding who you are destined to serve is a key area to developing a standout brand.  These guided sessions will help you develop your ideal client avatar and build your brand voice.

Packages & Pricing: At the heart of the Romance Your Hustle program is the crafting of your comprehensive signature program. You will be supported through individualized lessons on content development, program structure, owning your value & charging what you’re worth so that you will feel confident in putting your work into the world. I will share with you the process of creating a multi-tiered profit model that will help you reach your revenue goals and develop an automated revenue string.

Custom Sales Funnel: Increase subscribers to your email list with targeted leads with a premium opt-in. Take your list from interested in working with you to making an investment in their business with your services with an automated autoresponder series.  

Romance Your Hustle Elite Includes:

  • The Success Sequence for Working Entrepreneurs System - a signature system built to suit your business needs so that you can be of service to your unique client match

  • (16) 1-hour weekly coaching calls via UberConference
  • Done-For-You Sales Funnel Set-up
  • 3 Month Membership To Elevation Mastermind
  • Unlimited Email & Text Message Support to discuss action steps between calls

  • One year access to Clickfunnels Starter
  • One year access to Ontraport Basic
  • Unlimited tech support of software used in signature system

Fast Action Bonus

Pay in Full within 48 hours of your Brand Breakthrough session
and a Brand Collateral Design Package! Value: $4,000

The Romance Your Hustle Elite program is best for:
»» Femalepreneurs who have been in business for at least six months and currently own a website for their business. (Note: Done-For-You website upgrade available)
»» Femalepreneurs who are ready to uplevel their business and willing to dedicate at least 10 hours a week to implement the strategies I suggest

The investment for the Romance Your Hustle Elite Program is $15,000.
A payment plan is available.