Behind every business owner, is that one friend supporting all of your crazy ideas.

I am that friend.

The difference is – I do not know you (yet) but I know all of your struggles, your heartaches and desires for your business.

You stepped out on faith, started a business and now you feel like you are running an expensive a$$ hobby rather than a business.

It's time to enhance the playbook for your biz and...


Up until now your journey has been filled with…

  • attending dozens of free webinars and teleclasses that will help you have a six-figure business.
  • joining tons Facebook groups dedicated to masterminding your success.
  • your late nights are dedicated to reading blogs, e-books and newsletters to figure out the magic formula.
  • reading the success stories of fellow entrepreneurs and trying to figure out how they did.
  • thoughts of quitting your job because you feel like it is holding you back from your success.
  • your relationships are failing because  you are spending so much time working on your business that you do not have time for your loved ones


At every corner, you are surfing the web looking for more insight, specialized expertise and an open and understanding community. You are not alone.


You have read dozens of articles telling you to follow your passion and you will have a life your dreams. You want the life you were promised by T.D. Jakes, Oprah, and so many others. Instead, you feel like you parasailing and the motorboat just stalled. When you are building your business based on your passion and purpose it can definitely make you feel like.


There are not a lot of people who truly understand what is it like to start a business that is based on your passion and filled with your unique purpose. So, when you meet someone who does – you feel a deeper connection.

It does not matter if you are in start-up or struggle – you can build a business that you love and still have time to enjoy life.

You can have it all.

You CAN build a profitable business while working a full-time job.

You CAN build a business and still have time for a fun-loving, enjoyable and desirable life.

You CAN own an amazing business that is so in tune with your desires it feels like a match made by the heavens.

I know all of this is possible because I have achieved it. It took me two years to realize I was doing it all wrong and under a year to turn it all around.

Right now is the perfect time to put your plan into action.