Your secret weapon to bringing your entrepreneurial dreams to reality.

There is no longer a reason to struggle when it comes to building your business. 

Hey, lady!  I'm Kim McCarter and I have dedicated myself, my strategies and my resources to empowering femalepreneurs through the process of building a profitable business that allows them to jump out of bed in the morning excited and loving what they do!  I spent over 17 years in Corporate America building teams, processes and systems that have allowed corporate entities to align their customer service, marketing and revenue efforts.  Here's the thing a lot of people do not tell you, if it works for big businesses it can work for you!  I used the strategies I was paid to learn for almost two decades and applied them to my business, and the businesses of my clients.  The results... bigger profits, streamlined timeframes and empowered communities.

You are an entrepreneur who is ready to RISE to her next level of success.

You love the idea of dancing to your own drumline.  You are innovative, resourceful and want to build a village that completely understands, respects and is eager to work with you.  You've spent the last few months (or maybe even years) DIYing your way to building your business and now, you are ready to streamline your efforts, maximize your results and get the most bang on your return on investment.  You are tired of wondering when it will be your turn!  Oh girlfriend, I get it.  Trust me, I do. I understand your frustration because this was my story until I figured out how to apply everything I learned into a formula that worked for my business and fit my lifestyle.  Once I figured it out, I became an EPIC Femalepreneur... and girlfriend, you can too!

Your Expertise + Plus My Solutions = Your EPIC Biz


2-hour strategy session

A two-hour strategy session is a great solution for femalepreneurs who are looking to get answers to a specific problem in their business.  The session moves quickly and is best suited for femalepreneurs who know exactly who they serve and already have their products and service offers in place.  

Most frequently used for Sales Funnel Setup, Digital Marketing Solutions, Sales Call Support and Systems Review

Personal Note: You will be forwarded to a link to book your session once payment is made.

6-week sales and strategy jumpstart 

6 Weeks to Launch is the perfect solution for femalepreneurs who want a clear, actionable plan on how to start booking paying clients right away.  The program is designed to help you identify and find your ideal clients while having a solution in place they will be eager to learn more about.  

This program is for new coaches who want to learn how to consistently book $5,000+ in new business so they can divorce their cubicle lifestyles.



moscato & mastermind - "brand your biz with your girls"

Sharing is caring and true girlfriends never want to build alone! Moscato & Mastermind is the perfect chance to grab your girls and host your very Brand & Biz Profit Party with Kim has your instructor. The 4-hour laser coaching intensive includes an in-person workshop and materials for you and up to ten of your friends.

Moscato & Mastermind is the perfect way to share your business goals with friends in a comfortable setting.  Your group will leave the session with an actionable plan of attack on how to set their businesses on fire!

romance your hustle

Romance Your Hustle is Kim's signature system to building and branding a profitable business.  This 16-week experience is built to empower you through the process of building a signature system that aligns with your mission, values and profit goals.  

This signature system is the ultimate solution to branding your business for profits.  It's for femalepreneurs who are ready to streamline their business for maximum results.