It is an honor to serve femalepreneurs.  Thank you for trusting me with your success and your love notes. xx


"Working with Kim was an amazing experience.  I really looked forward to our phone sessions because I learned something new (about myself or business) every single time! Speaking with Kim is like speaking with an old friend... our conversations were fun, but at the same time very motivation.  I came into the experience not knowing where to start and finished eager to to learn more, stretch myself and really grow my businesses." - Alissa Nichole, Owner of GloriJoy; Founder at

When Alissa joined my signature program Romance Your Hustle she was having difficult time finding a way to balance her work life and finding time to grow her businesses.  Together we were able to help her put her plan of action into place, package and price her offers for her styling business, develop her growth strategy and install business processes.