Client Love


“Anyone can help you create a sales funnel, it takes someone special to help you make sure its profitable.” – Kim


Hey, I’m Kim McCarter… and I’m your business’s new BFF.


In less than 12 months, I took my business from earning less than $5,000 a month to banking over $123,000 in 2015 while working a full-time position that had me on 83 flights and spending 233 nights in hotels.


Why me?


I am prepared to offer you the highest level of support that you and your business will need in order to activate and achieve your goals.


Simply put…



that you have been waiting on!


Here is a taste of the objectives my clients have achieved from coaching with me.

  • Doubled and in some cases, even tripled their profits.
  • Automated their processes and activated signature systems that allow them to run their businesses from where they want when they want.
  • Launched their signature offers and products with five-figure results.
  • Built missions for their brands that have accelerated their growth and increased their visibility.


Not To Mention

I am an all-in-one solution for femalepreneurs who are ready to stand out, be seen more, and earn more.

I have over 17 years of corporate leadership and project management experience that will help your business succeed in 2017 and I will empower you through the process of branding your business, both strategically and visually.

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