Beyonce’s $500M Sales Funnel


Earlier this year, I was reading an article on L.A. Times and it listed Beyoncé’s Formation Tour as one of the top grossing tours of 2016.  At first, I wasn’t shocked – I mean it is BEYONCÉ.

Then hit me… I was a part of one of the MOST epic funnels ever!  Check out my free training, Beyoncé’s Multi-Million Dollar Funnel, where I break down exactly what her team did AND how you can replicate it!

I created a free guide and checklist to help you apply this funnel hack to your coaching business. Grab your copy below!

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SPECIAL NOTE:  I am in no way a representative of Beyoncé Knowles or a part of her marketing team. This training is based on public observation of her 2016 marketing, promotions, and entertainment releases.