New York City!!!!

Are you ready to create a crush-worthy brand that not only you love... but loves you back?

When you own a brand that loves yoU, as much as you love it, you will have everything you need to be on the path to owning a freedom-based business.

Brandtensive LIVE is a supportive & creative space for the female entrepreneur who is ready to up-level her success. It is four interactive hours of teaching, empowerment, networking and success design.

New York City| Saturday, December 5, 2015

Imagine yourself in a creative space with like-minded entrepreneurs.  A space where you can gain clarity on your message, create your kick-ass signature program & stop allowing busy to steal your success.

✗ Learn the action steps you need to take to become a leader in your industry

✗ Gain clarity on who your unique client match is and how to create programs they want to buy

✗ Understand the secret sauce to copy-writing that will keep your unique client match entertained & stalking your social media

✗ Learn how to run your business parallel to your busy life without causing total chaos in your household.

You can find information on the internet but it’s very rare that someone takes the time to teach you how to apply that information accurately. Kim McCarter offers an interactive/hands on approach that pushes you to think more in depth about your brand offering and how to implement each step. If you’re looking for a branding specialist that “get’s it” you have found her. Thank you Kim.
— O. Alleyne, Create Your Signature Program Attendee
  • 6 action-packed hours of addictive brand building + signature program creation led by Strategic Brand Stylist, Kim McCarter

  • Catered Lunch

  • course materials

  • Laser Coaching Opportunity

  • Assigned Accountability Partner

  • Discount admission to the Romance Your Hustle 2016 Retreat

I really enjoyed the Create Your Signature Program workshop. The information you provided, and process break down delivered was incalculable. This truly allowed me to begin the process of creating my unique program that has been in my head for months, but I had no idea of how to write it all down or how to even start the process. I am truly inspired by this. This week will be one for the books. Thank you so much!
— G. Bristol, Create Your Signature Program Attendee
Brandtensive LIVE is an intimate brand-building workshop. There are only 25 seats available.

Brandtensive LIVE is an intimate brand-building workshop. There are only 25 seats available.