Tips for Staying Focused and Productive

A strange vision hit me a few weeks ago.  So many femalepreneurs started 2016 with detailed goals that would impact their businesses, lives, and financial freedom… and so many of you are no closer to them now than you were in January.  Statistics show that less than twenty percent of New Year’s Resolutions are actually achieved.  Many may wonder why that is, however, I realized it's because you are no longer focused on your goals, and it is beginning to effect your productivity. 

If you are having trouble staying focused and concentrating on the task at hand you’re likely not very productive in any area of your life. Sometimes it seems like an uphill battle to stay focused when today’s world is throwing all sorts of issues at us that can quickly make us lose our discipline and go on to something else.

Lack of focus stifles productivity and can zap your motivation. It’s one of the top reasons for stress and anxiety in our lives and can leave us unable to function. Success in business and personal realms often eludes the unfocused person.

Here are some tips that will help you become more proficient in staying focused and revving up your productivity to the max:

Eliminate distractions. It’s often more difficult to eliminate distractions if you’re in an office environment where you can hear noises from your cubicle or office. If you’re trying to concentrate at home, you can usually turn off the television or go to a quiet place.

One thing that can help is to wear headphones and tune your iPod into some music that’s relaxing and lets you concentrate. It might also help to deflect co-workers who tend to interrupt.

Break down your task. When you’re seeing a task like it’s an elephant that you have to eat all at once, it’s much more difficult than thinking about eating it one bite at a time.

Break down an important or time-consuming task into small increments. Write them down and cross off each one as you finish. It will make you feel more productive and you’ll actually see your progress.

Focus on one computer task at a time. If you’re always checking email or looking at Facebook or Pinterest posts, you’ll have trouble completing a computer task. An easy way to eliminate the pull of the ‘Net is to pre-open the tabs you’ll need to complete a task and complete the task before opening others.

If the task is arduous and time-consuming, you may want to set a timer for working. When the timer goes off you can take a few minutes to recharge before refocusing on the task.

Establish a routine. Are you a morning person or is your most productive time in the evening hours? You’ll want to complete the most difficult tasks at a time when you feel most in tune and focused and leave the minor ones to the less focused times.

When you’re trying to navigate a trying time in your life, it may be more difficult to focus and be productive. But, a few simple tricks can help you get out of the rut and meet your goals.

Overcoming lack of focus and meeting your goals can be a boost to your self-esteem and keep you on the right track. 

I hope these tips help you stay focused in your business.  

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