Brand Lessons From Pop Culture: Melania Trump

A few weeks ago, I started a segment on Facebook:  #BrandLessonsFromPopCulture.

Starting this segment was strategically accidently.  I know, I know... that makes no sense but here me out.  When I did the first #BrandLessonsFromPopCulture™ it was purely to get some sh!t off my chest and in no way did I think it was going catch the eyes of so many.  I used this particular hashtag because as a biz strategist and personal brand expert - I wholeheartedly believe that everything we do should relate to who we are, what we do and reflect on our mission.  And being the business woman I am, the more my village reacted... the more I kept going.  Creating more because as they say "content is queen".

Fast forward, I have written a total of six #BrandLessonsFromPopCulture™ and a friend said, "You are on to something."  I've decided to run the lessons parallel to my Facebook platform.  

#BrandLessonsFromPopCulture™: Melania Trump

Via Google: pla·gia·rism ˈplājəˌrizəm noun
the practice of taking someone else's work or ideas and passing them off as one's own.
synonyms: copying, infringement of copyright, piracy, theft, stealing; informal cribbing
"accusations of plagiarism"

  • Melania Trump is the wife of Republican Presidential nominee, Donald Trump.
  • She is a former model, a jewelry designer and owns a cosmetic skin-care line.
  • She has a degree in design and architecture from the University in Slovenia.
  • Melania is Slovenian.
  • As the wife of the nominee for the Republican Party, Melania was slated to speak at the Republican National Convention.
  • The world was watching.
  • Under the highest of pressures and not one who normally is required to speak publicly, I mean she IS married to Donald Trump, Melanie read verbatim, parts of First Lady Michele Obama's speech from the 2008 Democratic National Convention. Side Note: Thanks Jarret for catching that!

Brand Lesson:
- Always give credit where credit is due. Also, note that given credit does not always satisfy the use. There have been cases when bloggers have been sued by photographers for using photos without payment, although credit was given.

- This is a copy and paste world. As entrepreneurs who use the internet to market our businesses, we often "quote" others without giving recognition to the original poster. It is your responsibility to do your due diligence.

- Be Authentic. It matters.

- Learn to take the "L". Rather than take responsibility for the blatant act of plagiarism, in true Trump form they are in DENY DENY DENY mode. Even with the side by side comparison, Melania has went on record to state that she wrote the speech with as little help as possible and the speech writers are not to blame, but they are. Here's why.... even if Melania did in fact, write her speech, speeches must be fact checked! Trump is a BILLIONAIRE. You mean to tell me their asses don't have a pro- Grammarly account or access to Scan My Essay. WTF is really going on over there!

And in true form... Twitter has erupted, and they are on a role.  The hashtag #FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes is hilarious with quotes from famous women in history given credit to Mrs Trump.

I've included a few of my faves below.

^^^ Sometimes it is until they borrow ya sh!t.


Just remember... authenticity matters!