Are Ready To Create A Signature Offer?

The first year and half of my business sucked.  I had to step back and look at my business with a fresh set of eyes.  I asked myself two simple questions that changed how I did business.

Who do I serve?

What is my unique client match struggling to figure out?

Which of these problems can I help them solve?

Once I had my answers, I went through the process of building my signature client offer. Going through this process helped me gain clarity on how to help my unique client match, focus on how to best serve my clients and create the systems and processes needed to run a business while working a full-time job.

So far this year I have completed 17 speaking engagements.  I know some of you may look, and that say “17? Girl, that isn’t a lot”.  For me, it’s a big damn deal.  We are only in October, and I have completed 17 speaking engagements from Jan - Sept - while working a full-time and running my coaching business.  I’ve been busy.  One of the most asked questions I receive from the back of the room is “How do I know if I’m ready to add a signature offer to my business/blog?”.

If you are unsure if the time is now - that usually mean it is.

Here are the three things I tell attendees to think about if they want to know if they should create a signature offer.

1.  You are walking the tightrope between your business and life.

You have Evernote full of ideas, and you are unsure of how to put them in motion.  You are being pulled in 4 directions (spouse, work, biz, and the kids).  At the end of the day, you just want to lay on your chaise and sip a chilled glass of wine.  Girlfriend, this the perfect time to step back and look at your big picture.  Creating a signature offer for business will help you simplify, strategize and grow your business with ease.

2. Shiny Object Syndrome

If you are femalepreneur who is often hit with shiny object syndrome - then it is time for you to create a signature offer.  I describe shiny object syndrome for femalepreneurs as the constant need to rebrand your business.  If something is not working - you want to try another “new” thing.  It is one thing to keep stay fresh and working at being a trendsetter in your industry; it is something entirely different if you switch up your business model so often that no one can get a handle on exactly what it is you do. Business reinvention can be great, but it can also derail your brand position in the industry.  Growth comes from finding your sweet spot and putting all of our passion into creating something substantial for your business.  Creating a signature offer can help you uncover what you are authentically designed to do and strategically set your brand position on fire!

3.  The Cycle of Dollars for Hours

60% of the entrepreneurs that I speak to are often stuck in the cycle of dollars of hours. And if I were to include those offer unstructured VIP days that number would increase to closer to 80%.  When you make the decision to provide services in your business, you create the service offers in a way that provides the easiest delivery of your service. Then comes the income ceiling.  You begin to realize that even increasing prices or trying to add more clients to your roster - you are maxed out… with very little increase.  You are in a unique position.  You have worked with clients, and they have seen results.  It is the PERFECT time to create a signature program to your business.

If you’re ready to add a signature offer to your business, join me on Monday, October 29th for my FREE training program “Build Your Signature Offer in Two Hours."