15 Fall Favorites For Chic Femalepreneurs

NYX Matte Lip Cream - Copenhagen ( here ) | "Things I Wish I Knew..." by  Ty Alexander ( here ) | OPI - Squeaker of the House   ( here ) | Floral & Lace Panty Set with Matching Kimono by Lane Bryant   ( here ) and ( here ) | iPad Pro & Pen   ( here ) and ( here ) | A5 Planner by Day Designer   ( here ) | Jeffrey Campbell 'Cors' Bootie in Navy   ( here ) | Pumpkin Spice T-Shirt   ( here ) | Starbucks Fall Classics   ( here ) | Mercer Satchel by Michael Kors   ( here ) | Olivia Burton Watch   ( here ) | Amazon Echo with Alex   ( here ) | Black Opium by YSL   ( here ) | Wine Glasses from ZGallerie   ( similar here ) | Desire Map Planner by Danielle LaPorte   ( here )

NYX Matte Lip Cream - Copenhagen (here) | "Things I Wish I Knew..." by  Ty Alexander (here) | OPI - Squeaker of the House (here) | Floral & Lace Panty Set with Matching Kimono by Lane Bryant (here) and (here) | iPad Pro & Pen (here) and (here) | A5 Planner by Day Designer (here) | Jeffrey Campbell 'Cors' Bootie in Navy (here) | Pumpkin Spice T-Shirt (here) | Starbucks Fall Classics (here) | Mercer Satchel by Michael Kors (here) | Olivia Burton Watch (here) | Amazon Echo with Alex (here) | Black Opium by YSL (here) | Wine Glasses from ZGallerie (similar here) | Desire Map Planner by Danielle LaPorte (here)

Hey, loves.

It is the first day of autumn 2016.  I am excited and shocked at the same time.  ( Is this even possible? )

I am an absolute fan of autumn.  The leaves are changing color.  I can pull my sweaters out of the closet.  Pumpkin Spice is back in stock.  And my creativity is in full swing.

It is the first day of autumn 2016 - shock mode - wait, what???? And I begin to think to myself,  doesn't that also mean we are one week from the 4th quarter? Let me check my vision board - where am I am on my goals?  Am I on track to finish the year being unapologetically dope or did I miss the mark?  What can I do to fix this?  

Then I remember - "Oh, I got this!"  I'm covered.  8 women.  8 weeks.  Sales Strategies.  Content Creation.  I'm ready for my #4thQuarterWins.

Then I calmed down and I became excited again.  I started to think of all the reasons I love autumn and what I am most excited about.

It's a mixture of fashion, beauty, business, and relaxation.  They are the things that make me unapologetically dope, a supporter of friends, a lover of fashion and most importantly, #MoreThanBusiness.

The September edition of "I May Need This" are my 15 fall favorites for 2016. Trust me when I tell you, they will be making recurring appearances over the next couple of months.  Check them out below.

I am fan girling over everything on this list.  ( Note: This may or may not be a quarter of my actual list, but we are a no judgement zone so I can share that with you. )

1.  Dark colored matte lippies will forever be my fave.  So much so, I wear them all year. The Copenhagen matte lip cream by NYX will be my go to color this autumn.

2.  Ty Alexander wrote a book!  I need everyone to be just as excited as I am so lets try this again.  Ty Alexander wrote a book!!! "Things I Wish I Knew Before My Mom Died" by Ty Alexander is available NOW so grab your copy.  It is an absolute must read if you have ever lost someone who love beyond words.

3.  There is something about being 35+ year old woman that requires nude nails and OPI's Washington DC Collection is home to Squeaker of the House.  I'm crushing on this new color and I cannot wait for my next mani/pedi day.

4.  Have you ever had a date night with your business?  I date my business at least once a month. On our next date night, I will be rocking this seriously sexy panty set and matching kimono from Lane Bryant.  Sexy lingerie gives me an extra boost of confidence and I am sure the content will flow freely once I am in this ensemble.

5.  In full transparency, I'm a tech nerd.  I love all things tech and I am a fan of Apple products.  This fall I plan to upgrade from the iPad Mini to the iPad Pro with Pencil.  My biz buddy, Danielle from Rich Girl Business purchased one last year and I've been crushing on it since.  The thing is - there is nothing wrong with the iPad Mini besides I cannot use the Pencil with it. *wink*

6.  A strange thing happened in 2015.  I joined the Planner Community and I joined it hard.  When I looked back I realized, I really started fan girling the community in late 2014 and by EOY 2015 - I was a full fledged member.  I have a few planners in my arsenal.  My fave for all things business is the Day Designer.  Now, let me just say this upfront, the Day Designer is on the luxury end of the planner scale, meaning when you visit their website, do not go there expecting Target prices. The Day Designer is priced from $50 - $160 US dollars.  

When I first started hanging out with the Day Designer, I purchased from their flagship collection.  These are sturdy hardcover planners that are built to make it through a year of moderate wear and tear.  In 2015, they released their A5 planners and in 2016 their A5 collection was upgraded to real leather.  The navy A5 sold out within a week and I was so caught up in life, I missed it.  I have my calendar set for 11/16/16 - I definitely need this is my life!

7.  OMG - swoon.  I may or may not already own ten pairs of Jeffrey Campbell booties... and that will not be a deciding factor in why NEED these 'Cors" Suede Peep Toe Booties in navy.  Just look at them!  *insert heart eyed emoji*

8.  Is it fall without pumpkin spice?  This t-shirt is super cute.  #nuffsaid

9.  I love Starbucks and I love red cup season... and fall classics.  Sigh.  I'm heading out after I have complete this post.  Red cups are not in yet but I can surely order my fave fall classic drink!

10,  Ohhhhh, so let me tell you how I found this gem.  I was cruising through the mall and this Mercer Satchel in hunter green started "purse whispering" to me.  I swear it did.  It was saying, "Kim, you know you want me."  There is no way I was supposed to leave it in the store.  This satchel by Michael Kors is pretty roomy and perfect for my upcoming travel.  I can fit my Macbook Air, iPad, wallet and cosmetics bag in it plus a magazine or three for the plane ride.

11.  The 'Enchanted Garden' Floral watch by Olivia Burton is absolutely gorgeous.  It has the perfect combination of feminine elegance to have a recurring role in my day-to-day activities.

12.  I have not purchased the Amazon Echo with Alexa yet but I really am considering it.  This is one of those tech purchases that is just to satisfy my curiosity.  The device seems pretty cool and I am seen a few friends playing around with it on Snapchat.  I will be sure to include it on my Christmas list - you never know.

13.  Black Opium by YSL has been my go to fragrance for a few months. It's a hint of floral, apple and coffee (three of my faves). I'm keeping it around. Stop by your local Ulta or Sephora and grab one for yourself.

14.  Well, wine not?  In my home, I drink anything that is room temperature or cold from a wine glass.  I think everything tastes better when its in stemware.  Don't judge me, we are a no judgement zone - remember???  I'm a big girl fan of ZGallerie's stemware collection.  You should really get into them!

15.  We are headed into the 4th quarter of 2016 and its all about the pre-game plan for 2017... and with that in mind, I will be rounding out my planner collection with the 2017 Desire Map Planner.  I recapped how I use my Desire Map Planner to stay centered on this entrepreneurial journey a couple of weeks ago.

Well there you have it.  

My 15 fall faves for 2016.  

I'd love to hear what you are fan girling over - drop me a love note in the comments and share some of things you are crushing on.





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